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Champion Player


 PlayerClubMatchesSorted descending. Click again to sort ascending.Points
1 Kumar, AnkitSouth Park Cricket Club326.90
2 Singh, AshokCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club226.50
3 Krishnan, HariGreater Greenville Cricket Club225.20
4 KOMATIREDDY, SAI TEJAS REDDYCarolina Dragons Cricket Club123.60
5 Raut, RupeshSouth Park Cricket Club322.20
6 Mandewalker, RahulFun Unlimited Cricket Club221.10
7 Patel, SunilSouth Park Cricket Club220.60
8 Reddy, HarshaSouth Park Cricket Club319.50
9 Bapat, KaustubhGreater Greenville Cricket Club219.10
10 Patel, HirenColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club219.00
11 Khan, AwaisCharlotte United Cricket Club217.10
12 maheshwari, rajatFun Unlimited Cricket Club216.50
13 Khan, Uzair LHigh Point Cricket Club216.20
14 Patel, KirtanCharlotte Lions Cricket Club215.20
15 Rehman, Ghias uHigh Point Cricket Club215.00
16 Khan, AaqibPakistan Association Cricket Club214.90
17 Singh, TajinderFun Unlimited Cricket Club214.80
18 Warrich, SuhailPakistan Association Cricket Club114.80
19 Patel, Abhi BCharlotte Lions Cricket Club214.70
20 Kashmiri, FaisalCharlotte United Cricket Club214.70
21 Patel, MiteshKem Chho Cricket Club114.60
22 Sheikh, ShibrazCharlotte United Cricket Club214.50
23 Patel, MayankSouth Park Cricket Club214.40
24 Patel, MayurKem Chho Cricket Club113.60
25 Sheth, RohanCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club213.20
26 Sudhakaran, SabarishCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club213.10
27 Ahmed, WasimPakistan Association Cricket Club213.10
28 Peri, LakshmikantCarolina Dragons Cricket Club112.90
29 Manzoor, MohammadHigh Point Cricket Club212.60
30 Shetty, NavanithFun Unlimited Cricket Club212.30
31 Shah, UsamaHigh Point Cricket Club212.20
32 Bahadur, RizwanHigh Point Cricket Club112.10
33 Patel, Krunal NCharlotte Lions Cricket Club212.00
34 Peram, ChanduCarolina Dragons Cricket Club111.70
35 Warrich, YaserPakistan Association Cricket Club111.00
36 Chaudhry, MuzaffarPakistan Association Cricket Club110.90
37 Hussain, MushtaqPakistan Association Cricket Club210.70
38 Dongre, RohitCharlotte City Cricket Club210.40
39 Isukapalli, VishnuSouth Park Cricket Club310.30
40 Patel, NandishCharlotte Lions Cricket Club210.00
41 Kamat, DamodarWinston Greensboro Cricket Club110.00
42 Rashid, ZeeshanCharlotte United Cricket Club29.90
43 Ankaraju, SantoshCarolina Dragons Cricket Club39.80
44 Raj, AshwinGreater Greenville Cricket Club29.60
45 Thakur, RajanFun Unlimited Cricket Club29.00
46 Shahid, TahaHigh Point Cricket Club18.80
47 Muralisankar, RajaramSouth Park Cricket Club28.70
48 Padala, AdityaColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club28.50
49 Borra, karthikCarolina Dragons Cricket Club38.50
50 Singh, RohitGreater Greenville Cricket Club28.40
51 Allam, TanujCharlotte City Cricket Club18.20
52 Reddy, AravindCarolina Dragons Cricket Club28.20
53 Manickavelu, ArunanCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club18.00
54 Gupta, VishalColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club27.90
55 Patel, ParthCharlotte Lions Cricket Club27.80
56 Ankaraju, Murali KrishnaCarolina Dragons Cricket Club37.80
57 Patel, KrunalKem Chho Cricket Club17.70
58 Ali, WajahatHigh Point Cricket Club17.50
59 Velaga, VenkatCarolina Dragons Cricket Club27.10
60 patel, sejalColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club27.10
61 Halder, SubashisSouth Park Cricket Club27.00
62 Mathew, MohitFun Unlimited Cricket Club26.90
63 Mujtaba, SalmanCharlotte City Cricket Club16.80
64 Ahmed, WaleedPakistan Association Cricket Club26.80
65 Madupu, KarthikCarolina Dragons Cricket Club36.70
66 Butt, UsmanPakistan Association Cricket Club26.70
67 Arshad, EhteshamHigh Point Cricket Club26.60
68 Nadaf, ParavezahmedSouth Park Cricket Club26.60
69 Vishwanath, SameeraSouth Park Cricket Club26.50
70 Patel, NikhilColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club16.50
71 Navaratna, ShashankCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club26.40
72 Wahla, Ayyaz KCharlotte United Cricket Club26.40
73 Khan, Harris AFun Unlimited Cricket Club16.10
74 Tayade, AmitFun Unlimited Cricket Club26.00
75 Batra, GautamCharlotte Lions Cricket Club26.00
76 Nedunuri, GouthamCarolina Dragons Cricket Club36.00
77 Namala, SreekanthCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club25.90
78 Mansoor, MohammadPakistan Association Cricket Club25.90
79 Ansari, OmerHigh Point Cricket Club15.90
80 CCCC, RaviCharlotte City Cricket Club15.60
81 Patel, Ankit JCharlotte Lions Cricket Club25.60
82 bari, bhavikCharlotte City Cricket Club15.50
83 CCCC, ShashwatCharlotte City Cricket Club25.40
84 Patel, Jai KCharlotte Lions Cricket Club25.30
85 Sharma, ShirshantSouth Park Cricket Club25.20
86 Patel, RiteshKem Chho Cricket Club15.20
87 Singaraju, PavanSouth Park Cricket Club25.00
88 Mistry, KalpeshCharlotte Lions Cricket Club24.90
89 Kriplani, SandeepFun Unlimited Cricket Club14.60
90 Indrakanti, ShivaCharlotte City Cricket Club24.60
91 Nasir, MohammadPakistan Association Cricket Club24.50
92 Patel, JatinKem Chho Cricket Club14.50
93 Adusumilli, VenkatCarolina Dragons Cricket Club24.40
94 Rizvi, ZeeshanCharlotte Lions Cricket Club24.10
95 Thota, preetamCarolina Dragons Cricket Club14.10
96 Rao, Sri HariFun Unlimited Cricket Club14.00
97 Choudhery, NaqashCharlotte United Cricket Club24.00
98 Gulati, GauravGreater Greenville Cricket Club14.00
99 Syed, AliColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club14.00
100 Rajaguru, SenthilSouth Park Cricket Club23.80
101 Sibasis, NayakColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club23.70
102 Alasyam, SunilFun Unlimited Cricket Club23.70
103 Ventrapragada, Sesha SCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club13.60
104 Rode, PrayasCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club23.60
105 Addanki, Sai SCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club23.60
106 Mehmood, NasirPakistan Association Cricket Club23.50
107 Patel, SunilKem Chho Cricket Club13.50
108 Patel, RakelKem Chho Cricket Club13.50
109 SEKHAR, RAJACharlotte City Cricket Club23.40
110 Madabushi, Nimesh SCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club13.20
111 Khawaja, WasifCharlotte United Cricket Club23.20
112 Rammohan, RohanSouth Park Cricket Club13.10
113 Alam, HuzoorCharlotte United Cricket Club13.10
114 Kadu, SwapnilGreater Greenville Cricket Club13.00
115 Yenumula, Manikant RajeshCarolina Dragons Cricket Club32.70
116 Chintagada, NitishCharlotte City Cricket Club12.70
117 Manjunath, NischalColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club12.50
118 Pal, BivinderWinston Greensboro Cricket Club12.50
119 Guria, ChandrasenSouth Park Cricket Club12.50
120 Kumar, SatishGreater Greenville Cricket Club12.30
121 Borude, YogeshCharlotte City Cricket Club12.30
122 Kanthan, VelWinston Greensboro Cricket Club12.20
123 Khan, SaadPakistan Association Cricket Club12.20
124 Quadri, ShrikanthColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club12.00
125 Khan, SirajPakistan Association Cricket Club12.00
126 Bhasin, Bhavneet SGreater Greenville Cricket Club11.90
127 Shetty, GurupriyaGreater Greenville Cricket Club21.90
128 Parate, PiyushGreater Greenville Cricket Club21.90
129 Babu, MaheshGreater Greenville Cricket Club11.80
130 Bandaru, RamuCharlotte City Cricket Club21.80
131 Taylor, KurtHigh Point Cricket Club11.70
132 Edward, StephenCharlotte City Cricket Club11.70
133 Dharmarajan, SherinCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club11.70
134 Boorla, VijayCarolina Dragons Cricket Club21.60
135 Patel, HimrashmiColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club21.50
136 Butt, Eibaad AHigh Point Cricket Club21.50
137 Reddy, NikhilFun Unlimited Cricket Club11.40
138 Bondugula, VinodFun Unlimited Cricket Club11.40
139 Patel, SanketCharlotte Lions Cricket Club21.40
140 Ishaq, KhurramCharlotte United Cricket Club21.40
141 Dixit, PrashantWinston Greensboro Cricket Club11.40
142 Dashmohapatra, SarthakCharlotte City Cricket Club11.30
143 Nikam, DaidipyaGreater Greenville Cricket Club11.30
144 Chavva, VenuCarolina Dragons Cricket Club11.20
145 Kwatra, RohitCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club11.20
146 Arun, SivaGreater Greenville Cricket Club11.10
147 Namala, NaveenCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club11.00
148 LOKINENI, ANANDCarolina Dragons Cricket Club11.00
149 Abdullah, KhanPakistan Association Cricket Club11.00
150 Tahirkheli, ZubairHigh Point Cricket Club11.00
151 Hobson, MarkHigh Point Cricket Club21.00
152 Vempati, ChandraColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club21.00
153 Meena, RajCharlotte City Cricket Club10.90
154 Singh, NeerajSouth Park Cricket Club10.80
155 Nadeem, FaisalHigh Point Cricket Club10.70
156 CCCC, DarshanCharlotte City Cricket Club20.70
157 Sharif, IrfanFun Unlimited Cricket Club10.70
158 Dhobal, HimanshuWinston Greensboro Cricket Club10.60
159 Kesireddy, SunnyCarolina Dragons Cricket Club10.60
160 Khan, JehangirHigh Point Cricket Club10.60
161 Patel, KashyapKem Chho Cricket Club10.50
162 Prabhu, GirishWinston Greensboro Cricket Club10.50
163 Sharma, GauravWinston Greensboro Cricket Club10.40
164 Patel, PathikColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club10.40
165 Gopakumar, PrageeshWinston Greensboro Cricket Club10.20
166 Dahiya, VaneetCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club10.10
167 Kotla, SrinivasWinston Greensboro Cricket Club10.10
168 Austrie, GlenCharlotte United Cricket Club20.10
169 Vyas, DipenWinston Greensboro Cricket Club10.10
170 Patel, KetanKem Chho Cricket Club10.00
171 Dinesh, SagarWinston Greensboro Cricket Club10.00
172 Taylor, BobCharlotte Tigers Cricket Club10.00
173 Parvataneni, RohitColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club10.00
174 Patel, Sunny RColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club10.00
175 Phogat, AjayColumbia Atmiya Cricket Club10.00
176 Matthews, DonovanCharlotte United Cricket Club10.00
177 Desai, AmitKem Chho Cricket Club10.00
178 Kohli, AshishCharlotte United Cricket Club10.00
179 Gandhi, VisheshCharlotte Lions Cricket Club10.00
180 Donald, PaulGreater Greenville Cricket Club10.00
181 Reddy, ManishGreater Greenville Cricket Club10.00
182 Talapa Reddy, Vijay BhaskarCharlotte City Cricket Club10.00
183 Kassi, GautamGreater Greenville Cricket Club10.00
184 Patel, DevanshKem Chho Cricket Club10.00
185 Naidu, Gopi KSouth Park Cricket Club00.00
186 Raval, AnkurKem Chho Cricket Club00.00
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Points allocation
Runs 0.10 Catches 1.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 3.00 Assisted Wickets 2.50
Unassisted Runouts 2.00 Assisted Runouts 1.00
100s 10.00 50s 4.00
Stumpings 1.00 5 wkts in Innings 6.00
Not outs 1.00