Season Fixture

Date/time Home Team   Away Team Venue MS Full Results
Round 2
5 May(10:00 AM) HPCC   v   FUCC Hobson Cricket Ground  
5 May(10:00 AM) CDCC   v   CTCC Robert L. Smith Park  
6 May(10:00 AM) KCCC   v   CUCC GGCC Ground - Wood...  
6 May(10:00 AM) PACC   v   CACC Hobson Cricket Ground  
6 May(10:00 AM) CLCC   v   SPCC Lakhany Cricket Gr...  
Round 3
12 May(10:00 AM) CDCC   v   CLCC Robert L. Smith Park  
12 May(10:00 AM) CCCC   v   CUCC MCC Hwy 218 Ground  
12 May(10:00 AM) HPCC   v   GGCC Hobson Cricket Ground  
13 May(10:00 AM) PACC   v   SPCC Hobson Cricket Ground  
Round 4
19 May(10:00 AM) FUCC   v   CTCC Weston Park  
20 May(10:00 AM) GGCC   v   CDCC GGCC Ground - Wood...  
20 May(10:00 AM) CCCC   v   SPCC MCC Hwy 218 Ground  
20 May(10:00 AM) CACC   v   WGCC Lakhany Cricket Gr...  
Round 5
2 Jun(10:00 AM) CLCC   v   FUCC Lakhany Cricket Gr...  
2 Jun(10:00 AM) SPCC   v   CACC Kilborne Park  
3 Jun(10:00 AM) GGCC   v   CCCC GGCC Ground - Wood...  
Round 6
9 Jun(10:00 AM) CTCC   v   GGCC Lakhany Cricket Gr...  
10 Jun(10:00 AM) KCCC   v   CCCC GGCC Ground - Wood...  
10 Jun(10:00 AM) SPCC   v   CDCC Kilborne Park  
Round 7
16 Jun(10:00 AM) CTCC   v   CLCC Kilborne Park  
16 Jun(10:00 AM) GGCC   v   SPCC GGCC Ground - Wood...  
17 Jun(10:00 AM) FUCC   v   KCCC Weston Park  
Round 8
23 Jun(10:00 AM) WGCC   v   CLCC Weston Park  
23 Jun(10:00 AM) CCCC   v   PACC MCC Hwy 218 Ground  
24 Jun(10:00 AM) CTCC   v   CACC Kilborne Park  
24 Jun(10:00 AM) KCCC   v   HPCC Robert L. Smith Park  
Round 9
1 Jul(10:00 AM) KCCC   v   CACC GGCC Ground - Wood...  
1 Jul(10:00 AM) PACC   v   HPCC Hobson Cricket Ground  
1 Jul(10:00 AM) CUCC   v   CLCC Robert L. Smith Park  
1 Jul(10:00 AM) WGCC   v   FUCC Weston Park  
1 Jul(10:00 AM) CTCC   v   CCCC Kilborne Park  
Round 10
14 Jul(10:00 AM) SPCC   v   CUCC Kilborne Park  
14 Jul(10:00 AM) CDCC   v   KCCC Robert L. Smith Park  
14 Jul(10:00 AM) GGCC   v   WGCC Lakhany Cricket Gr...  
15 Jul(10:00 AM) FUCC   v   CCCC Weston Park  
15 Jul(10:00 AM) CLCC   v   CACC Lakhany Cricket Gr...  
Round 11
21 Jul(10:00 AM) PACC   v   CDCC Hobson Cricket Ground  
21 Jul(10:00 AM) CACC   v   FUCC Lakhany Cricket Gr...  
22 Jul(10:00 AM) CTCC   v   HPCC Kilborne Park  
22 Jul(10:00 AM) WGCC   v   CUCC Weston Park  
Round 12
29 Jul(10:00 AM) GGCC   v   CACC GGCC Ground - Wood...  
29 Jul(10:00 AM) CCCC   v   CDCC MCC Hwy 218 Ground  
29 Jul(10:00 AM) CUCC   v   CTCC Robert L. Smith Park  
Round 13
4 Aug(10:00 AM) CCCC   v   WGCC MCC Hwy 218 Ground  
4 Aug(10:00 AM) SPCC   v   CTCC Kilborne Park  
5 Aug(10:00 AM) FUCC   v   CDCC Weston Park  
5 Aug(10:00 AM) HPCC   v   CLCC Hobson Cricket Ground  
5 Aug(10:00 AM) CUCC   v   PACC Robert L. Smith Park  
Round 14
11 Aug(10:00 AM) PACC   v   KCCC Hobson Cricket Ground  
11 Aug(10:00 AM) CACC   v   CCCC GGCC Ground - Wood...  
11 Aug(10:00 AM) WGCC   v   CTCC Weston Park  
12 Aug(10:00 AM) CDCC   v   HPCC Robert L. Smith Park  
Round 15
18 Aug(10:00 AM) CDCC   v   CACC Robert L. Smith Park  
19 Aug(10:00 AM) KCCC   v   GGCC GGCC Ground - Wood...  
19 Aug(10:00 AM) WGCC   v   SPCC Weston Park  
19 Aug(10:00 AM) HPCC   v   CUCC Hobson Cricket Ground  
Round 16
25 Aug(10:00 AM) CUCC   v   GGCC Robert L. Smith Park  
25 Aug(10:00 AM) PACC   v   FUCC Hobson Cricket Ground  
26 Aug(10:00 AM) KCCC   v   CLCC GGCC Ground - Wood...  
Round 17
8 Sep(10:00 AM) FUCC   v   CUCC Weston Park  
8 Sep(10:00 AM) HPCC   v   CACC Hobson Cricket Ground  
8 Sep(10:00 AM) GGCC   v   CLCC GGCC Ground - Wood...  
9 Sep(10:00 AM) SPCC   v   KCCC Kilborne Park  
9 Sep(10:00 AM) PACC   v   WGCC Hobson Cricket Ground  
Round 18
15 Sep(10:00 AM) KCCC   v   CTCC GGCC Ground - Wood...  
15 Sep(10:00 AM) CUCC   v   CDCC Robert L. Smith Park  
15 Sep(10:00 AM) SPCC   v   FUCC Kilborne Park  
16 Sep(10:00 AM) HPCC   v   WGCC Hobson Cricket Ground  
16 Sep(10:00 AM) CLCC   v   PACC Lakhany Cricket Gr...  
Round 19
22 Sep(10:00 AM) GGCC   v   FUCC Lakhany Cricket Gr...  
22 Sep(10:00 AM) PACC   v   CTCC Hobson Cricket Ground  
22 Sep(10:00 AM) WGCC   v   CDCC Weston Park  
23 Sep(10:00 AM) HPCC   v   SPCC Hobson Cricket Ground  
23 Sep(10:00 AM) CLCC   v   CCCC Lakhany Cricket Gr...  
23 Sep(10:00 AM) CACC   v   CUCC Kilborne Park  
Round 20
29 Sep(10:00 AM) KCCC   v   WGCC Robert L. Smith Park  
29 Sep(10:00 AM) GGCC   v   PACC Lakhany Cricket Gr...  
30 Sep(10:00 AM) CCCC   v   HPCC MCC Hwy 218 Ground  

Draw Notes:
1. Top 8 teams will qualify for playoffs
2. Playoffs will start immediately after the league games finish , All playoffs will have RESERVE WEEKEND.
3. Top seeds in Playoffs shall choose the Game of Day to play (In case of ground conflict they have to play at Opposition ground( as an away game ) and in case of conflict it will be a neutral venue
4. Reserve Days during Playoffs will move automatically to Saturday of next week ( Teams have no choice of game day in reserve weekend ) and in case of no game on Saturday game will move to Sunday
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