Division 2 Championship

Date of event: Sunday October 22, 2017 10:00AM

What are the chances that Rakesh Patel's CPCC will walk away with a victory this Sunday versus the confident, successful and Reedy Creek-lovin' CUCC team?   Very few teams lose to CUCC at Reedy Creek Park, and this is no average CUCC team.  They will be playing without pressure and with full abandon because they've already secured their spot in the Division 1 for 2018. They did it with amazing play all year by their captain Naqash Choudhery (2017 Champion Player recipient) and his two superstars Shibraz Sheikh and master-blaster Awais Khan, who scored a jaw-dropping 92 off 33 in last weekend's semifinal vs CWCC.  And don't forget the West Indian pace-bowler Walton Charles who can inflict major damage on the top order.


CUCC is surely loaded with megastuds (including former HPCC all-round legend Qaisarbhai) but CPCC has some heroes of their own in Nitin Sharma, Sri Vatsan and Jigar Shah.  (Is Kartik Patel still in Germany?  That's the million-dollar question)  CPCC didn't get here by accident.  Their captain Rakesh Patel takes his cricket seriously and this was part of his plan all year.  This will easily be the biggest challenge in CPCC's history.  A victory earns them a spot alongside CUCC next year in Division 1.  All the marbles and the trophy hardware are on the line here so this will be a true dogfight to the end (unless CUCC wipes them out), but hey it's cricket, so anything's possible! 

Last updated: Thursday March 8, 2018 5:49AM
Author: Robert Taylor